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Sophie would love to become a part of your family today!

Category: Animal Foster Care
Sophie the dog

Meet Sophie, the latest in a long line of pups to be fostered by Redtail employees (in this case, Nikki)! Don’t let the first few poses fool ya, though. She wants to hop about and play her way into your household!

Sophie knows commands such as “sit”, “lay down” and “stay”. “Stay” is not her favorite though, as she’d prefer shadowing you as your new best friend rather than just remaining in one place looking gorgeous. She is leash trained, does great with other dogs and children, and remains calm in an office environment, even with our crazy foam rocket wars. She is quite the snuggle bug and would love to be a member of your family!

Check out Front Street Animal Shelter if you’re in the Sacramento area and would like to engage in a fostering opportunity of your own. Or, if you live elsewhere, check with your local shelters to see if the perfect pet is just waiting there for you!

Dog named Sophie in the car
Dog named Sophie
dogs playing outsite
Redtail dog with a headset

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