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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Updated integration with Asset-Map!

Updated integration with Asset-Map!

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Asset-Map: “Our Story Is About Focusing on What Matters

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ABOUT Asset-Map Years ago, H. Adam Holt, Asset-Map’s Founder and CEO, was a financial planner frustrated by financial planning.

The long, research-packed reports he prepared for client meetings didn’t seem to engage clients or provide clarity. Adam realized that to better serve clients, he needed to help them focus on what matters most—making good financial decisions so they could reach their goals.

From that realization, Asset-Map was born. Created first as a tool used by Adam and his staff, his wealth planning business became Asset-Map’s first success story as he used it to grow revenue by 300%, three years in a row while achieving nearly $1 billion in AUM in under a decade.

Today, Asset-Map is used by thousands of financial advisors across multiple currencies and languages to help families focus on what matters, make more engaged and confident decisions, and reach their financial goals.

WHAT ARE THE NEW INTEGRATION POINTS BETWEEN ASSET-MAP AND REDTAIL CRM? New integration points between Asset-Map and Redtail CRM include:

  • Mapping Financials
    You can now import and store new account fields in Asset-Map such as balance, account type, company, and the updated at timestamps. As for Assets and Liabilities, Asset-Map can now pull in balance or total, type, and name.
  • Importing Financial Data
    Once the integration functionality is enabled, you will be able to manually import synced Redtail accounts, assets, and liabilities that are attached to linked contacts/households.
  • Redtail Financial on the Asset-Map Report
    Once the household has been synced with Redtail accounts, assets and liabilities associated with those members can be pulled into Asset-Map and seen on their Asset-Map Report.

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this updated integration is available here.


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