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Tips from Redtail’s Training Team: How to Handle . . . Employee Departure

Category: Resources
How to Handle Feature

Redtail’s Training Team puts together these “How to Handle” posts in order to make you aware of some of the ways you might use Redtail CRM to assist with processes, events, etc., that are likely to come up for most offices at some point.

This one will focus on best practices in Redtail CRM in terms of dealing with employee departure. For each step in the directions, we’ll provide relevant links from our helpdesk as well as images or gifs in some cases to give you a better idea of what the process looks like within Redtail.


When an employee leaves your firm, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to remove their access to your CRM and to reassign their responsibilities to make sure nothing is missed.


1. To remove access from an ex-employee, change the password and email associated with the Redtail user account.

How do I change my Redtail CRM password?
Navigation, Users & Teams Video

remove access

2. Reassign or delete activities in bulk from the Today page.

How do I reassign Activities from one database user to another?
Redtail Essentials: Activities Video

reassign activities

3. Remove or replace the departed employee from any teams they were on.

Manage Your Account: Manage Database Users & Teams
Navigation, Users & Teams Video

remove from teams

4. Re-assign open workflow tasks to other users.

Workflow Task Report

reassign tasks

5. Re-assign tasks in workflow templates to other users.

How do I set up Workflow Processes in Redtail?
Workflow Video Series

Re-assign tasks in workflow templates

6. Once you feel comfortable that a full transition has taken place, fully disable the user.

How do I terminate an employee’s access to my database?
Navigation, Users & Teams Video

disable the user
7. Update the Team Notices with any notifications or messages to the office regarding the employee’s departure.

Today — Team Notices
Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video

jet has retired

8. Use a Note Template to record the employee’s exit interview.

Manage Your Account: Note Templates
Sample Note Templates
Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video

note template exit interview

9. Create a Workflow to ensure consistency in this process in the future.

Workflow Video Series

departing employee workflow


Restricting a former employee’s access is a safeguard against any potential issues they may create after their termination. Although it is rare, a disgruntled employee may attempt to retaliate on your office when allowed continuous access to your CRM. While it may be tempting to fully disable the user immediately, we recommend keeping the user active for a short period to ensure a smooth transition of activities and workflow tasks.


Download a PDF version of these instructions below.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach out to our team at or 800.206.5030. We are always happy to help you understand any aspect of Redtail CRM better so that you can better put it to use in your business!

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