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Tips from Redtail’s Training Team: How to Handle . . . New Employees

Category: Resources
How to Handle Feature

Redtail’s Training Team puts together these “How to Handle” posts in order to make you aware of some of the ways you might use Redtail CRM to assist with processes, events, etc., that are likely to come up for most offices at some point.

This one will focus on how you can use Redtail CRM to assist with onboarding new employees and getting them up-to-speed in terms of their Redtail usage. For each step in the directions, we’ll provide relevant links from our helpdesk as well as images or gifs in some cases to give you a better idea of what the process looks like within Redtail.


Two of the keys to any successful business are building strong employees and fostering a great company culture. It all begins on day one. This is a guide to help your new employee get started in their new job as well as in the CRM they will be working within.


1. Add the new employee as a User to your Redtail database.

How can I add database users?
Database Lists and the Contact Record Video

add database users

2. Assign the new employee Redtail’s “Getting Started” video tutorials.

“Getting Started” video tutorials

getting started tutorials

3. Our helpdesk can teach your new employee how to use Redtail. Your style guide is what teaches them how to use it in your business. Take a few minutes to review the Style Guide with your new employee.

Style Guide

style guide

4. Update Team Notices to introduce the new employee to everyone in your database.

Team Notices
Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video

team notices

5. Help the new employee set their preferred calendar start time and other preferences.

Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video

set calendar preferences

6. Open a “New Employee Workflow” to begin handling the administrative tasks needed to get your employee on board. Check out the example that follows.

Workflow Video Series


new employee workflow

7. Teach your new employee how to manage contacts in Redtail CRM by having them add themselves a contact record. Challenge them to add their spouse and family (if applicable).

How do I add a new Contact Record?
Redtail Essentials: Contact Record Video

add contact record

8. Have them add their emergency contact information to the important information field.

Important Information
Redtail Essentials: Contact Record Video


update important info


The future success of your new employee starts with the foundation you lay for them today. You can even tailor your employee onboarding to the specific features in Redtail that they will be most commonly using. Is your employee going to be managing client events? Have them watch trainings on Seminars. Will they be in a sales focused role? Have them review material on Opportunities.


Download a PDF version of these instructions below.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach out to our team at or 800.206.5030. We are always happy to help you understand any aspect of Redtail CRM better so that you can better put it to use in your business!

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