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10 reasons why Redtail CRM may be just the solution you’ve been looking for: Reason #8

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Reason 8 - Disconnected

Reason 8 - Disconnected header

Reason #8:

Many of your essential technologies feel disconnected from one another and require time-consuming interactions with support from many different vendors.

This is similar to the previous reason we provided that you might want to consider Redtail CRM; the difference is that here we are talking about solutions that would allow you to house much of your tech package underneath a single umbrella you can go to for service. While Redtail CRM is our flagship product, we also offer paperless office, email hosting/archiving, compliant texting, and a mobile CRM solution tightly integrated with your CRM. They are available à la carte, so if one of these other solutions is more important to you than others, you can add them to your Redtail subscription according to your individual office’s needs and on your desired timeline.

Take control of your documents and files with Redtail Imaging

We understand your need to easily access important paperwork anytime, anywhere. Redtail Imaging provides you with an organized and efficient method of document management and integrates with your CRM client records, allowing you to retrieve exactly what you need anywhere that you have access to the internet.

Your team can use Redtail Imaging to centralize client and team content, tag and find what you need quickly, and rest easy with the peace of mind that Redtail’s paperless solution is safe and secure. If you’re looking for a compliant way to take your office paperless and tie your electronic documents to client records in Redtail CRM, Redtail Imaging may be just the tool you’ve been searching for.

Manage your email better with Redtail Email

Email is an integral communication channel in modern advisory practices, and Redtail Email Archive and Retention provides financial professionals with a convenient and compliant way to retain, retrieve, and report on email correspondence. As a bonus, historical emails are accessible within client records in Redtail, making these common touchpoints more readily available and easier to find.

As a Redtail Email subscriber, you can choose the type of email account that works best for your needs (POP3, IMAP4, MAPI), use the email platform you desire (Outlook, Mac Mail, Redtail’s Webmail client, etc.), and use Redtail for email hosting or have your emails journaled to Redtail from another provider. Flexibility in each of these areas makes Redtail’s email offering one that will work well for most advisors today.

Communicate smarter with Redtail Speak

We know that you’re looking for ways to solidify your client relationships through more effective engagement and by providing a higher level of service. Redtail’s solution, Speak, offers a compliant way for you to text message your clients and collaborate with your staff in real-time.

Using Speak, every conversation, message, and document is fully searchable and automatically archived, recorded daily, and sharable with email surveillance providers, offering you a safe, compliance-approved way to communicate with your clients. Speak also empowers your team to communicate directly with each other, without ever leaving Redtail CRM, by providing team members with access to the same communication threads, which helps to eliminate bottlenecks.

We believe Speak will help you overcome many of the biggest challenges advisors face in regard to client communication while also freeing up your valuable time for other essential client service activities.

On the go? No problem!

Redtail’s free mobile app keeps you connected to your CRM data, even when you don’t have access to a computer or a tablet. If you have your phone on you, Redtail Mobile means you’re in business!

An entirely overhauled Redtail Mobile app was released in early 2020 in order to provide Redtail subscribers with increased mobile functionality and we continue to regularly update the app based upon ongoing subscriber feedback and requests. Our aim is to provide advisors with a great mobile experience that makes working while on the move a seamless extension of working in the office.

The big picture

As mentioned above, you can add any of the above to your Redtail subscription and increase the efficiencies of Redtail CRM as the core solution in your tech stack. But, these are entirely optional and we’re happy to assist you with getting up and running with similar solutions with whom we offer integration. Our commitment is to your success and we’ll help you achieve it in any way that we can.

Up next week, Reason #9: You believe it’s important to use tech vendors with strong, deep roots in the industry who clearly understand your challenges as well as your opportunities and are staffed with employees equipped to help you meet those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities.

As always, if you have any questions along the way as we address these, you can reach out to our team online or call 800.206.5030. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business better and to show you why Redtail is an industry leader committed to your success!

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