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Redtail Technology > News > Integrations > Best Practice Partner Webinar with Intulse October 6!

Best Practice Partner Webinar with Intulse October 6!

Category: Integrations
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Intulse VoIP business phone solutions provide you with a flexible, feature-rich communications system on a robust network that can grow and change with your business.

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ABOUT this webinar
Topic: Engaging clients from home with Intulse
Description: Redtail Technology’s 2020 AdvisorComms Survey found that 64.9% of respondents find phone calling the most engaging form of communication following the stay at home orders. While there is much push for texting, email and video communication, the phone call still remains one of the most powerful tools an advisor has for communicating with clients. Come learn how you can integrate your phone system with your CRM to create effective, compliant communication to your clients or prospects from wherever you are working.
Register now for this webinar on October 6 at 10 am Pacific.

WHAT ARE THE INTEGRATION POINTS BETWEEN INTULSE AND REDTAIL CRM? Intulse’s Redtail CRM integration merges your phone with your CRM. Any screen in the Intulse Dashboard that would normally display a simple phone number automatically searches the caller ID within Redtail and returns any customer records that match. For example, when someone calls you instead of displaying the caller id you’ll see the name of the person as it appears in Redtail and can click on the name to launch their account within Redtail. You can quickly add call notes to a customer’s activity details, and the note will automatically contain all the basic information about the call such as start time, duration, direction (inbound/outbound), and, if the if the call was recorded, a link to the recording.

To experience the integration between Intulse and Redtail you will need to use the Intulse Dashboard App.

DETAILS ON INTEGRATION SETUP AND USAGE Redtail’s documentation on this integration is available here.

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