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10 reasons why Redtail CRM may be just the solution you’ve been looking for: an introduction

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10 reasons to choose Redtail

If you are considering Redtail CRM as a solution for managing your client relationships, it’s likely your practice falls into one of two categories:

1. You’ve never used CRM before but your growing practice necessitates that you find a better way of staying on top of your processes and all things client-related.

2. You’ve used other CRMs over the years but you’ve never quite found one that hits the sweet spot in regard to features, integrations, flexibility, support, ease-of-use, pricing, etc.

In either case, you need to know and to be able to communicate clearly to your team why you are choosing Redtail CRM in order to get them on board and to begin navigating any adoption hurdles that might arise prior to jumping in.

We’re here to help you facilitate team buy-in so that your staff will:

  • understand the importance of CRM to client experience.
  • understand your expectations about how it will be used within your office to manage and maintain processes and data.
  • recognize the opportunities it presents to streamline operations and foster business growth.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your client relationships, improve your team’s collaboration efforts and overall efficiency, increase your revenues and profitability, decrease client attrition, or engage in any number of other business-building activities, Redtail CRM offers tools to assist with your efforts.

You’ll also be happy to know that Redtail integrates widely and deeply with other popular tools in the financial services industry, which helps to eliminate redundant data entry and create consistency across the platforms you use in your daily operations.

Redtail support people on the phonesWe are also committed to building raving fans through the level of service and support we provide. With that in mind, we offer free phone and email support, free webinars, extensive online help documentation/videos, and a popular traveling Redtail University that provides more in-depth training in a fun setting.

In short, we want you to succeed! We’re here to help you as you consider some of the problems you might be attempting to solve by implementing Redtail CRM within your practice. We encourage you to explore each of the reasons linked to below for why Redtail CRM may be the solution your office has been looking for.

Those reasons include:

Reason #1: CRM implementation can be time-consuming – you only want to spend the time and effort required to implement a CRM system on one with a proven track record of advisor success.

Reason #2: You want a flexible solution that both grows with you and that you can grow into.

Reason #3: You want ongoing, easy-to-access software support from live human beings who understand your challenges. You don’t want to pay extra for that.

Reason #4: Your current tools aren’t cutting it. Tasks, processes, or appointments are falling through the cracks, and potentially damaging client relationships.

Reason #5: Your client base has grown to the point where it’s impossible to maintain a cohesive and holistic view of each client using your current methods. In turn, this poses challenges in terms of compliance and missed opportunities.

Reason #6: Your office has neither recorded client/prospect information consistently nor documented client/prospect interactions sufficiently. As a result, information retrieval is difficult and time-consuming (when it is even possible) and there are knowledge gaps due to variances in how office members store or track data.

Reason #7: You need the technologies you use to integrate in meaningful ways so that you can eliminate redundant data entry and errors, streamline your processes, and improve client experience.

Reason #8: Many of your essential technologies feel disconnected from one another and require time-consuming interactions with support from many different vendors.

Reason #9: You believe it’s important to use tech vendors with strong, deep roots in the industry who clearly understand your challenges and opportunities and are staffed with employees equipped to help you meet those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities.

Reason #10: You don’t want to break the bank on your technology (or on support for your technology).

As always, if you have any questions along the way as we address these, you can reach out to our teams at online or call 800.206.5030. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business better and to show you why Redtail is an industry leader committed to your success!

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